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APDSA Webinar Series


a project for dental student and young dentist in Asia Pacific to gain knowledge and develop theirself as much as they want. 💻🌏

  • Get a chance to learn from professors and dentists all over the world as our honoured guest speakers. With that, we can learn and develop together during this difficult time.

  • The best part is it's totally free. 100% FREE, with certificate of attendance given as a token of appreciation (Term and Condition applied)

In case you missed the live session, scroll down to watch the recorded video.

What is Webinar Series?


Episode 1 :

Orofacial Pain

The first episode of our APDSA Webinar Series is here, bringing you into the world of Orofacial Pain presented by Dr. Azusa Kuwashima.

Dr. Azusa Kuwashima possesses a Ph.d. Currently, she is a fellow in American Board of Orofacial Pain. She has published many great articles relating to Orofacial Pain, and She's also an APDSA Alumni. 

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Episode 2 :

Evidence-based Practice in the Management of Endodontically Treated Teeth

The second episode of our APDSA Webinar Series jumped into Prosthodontics with Prof. Dr. Seow Liang Lin (Advisor of APDSA Malaysian Division) 

Prof. Dr. Seow Liang Lin presented to us about evidence-based practice in the management of endodontically treated teeth.


Episode 3 :

Bio-active Glass Nanoparticle for Dental Tissue Regeneration

Collaborate with APDSA in Korea. Our third webinar speaker is

Prof. Dr. Junghwan Lee, a tissue regeneration expert.

The professor will presented to us a topic about "Bio-active Glass Nanoparticle for Dental Tissue Regeneration"


Episode 4 :

Navigation Implant Surgery: The Future of Implant Training Module

Moving into oral surgery this Sunday. Prof. Atiphan Pimkhaokham, DDS., MPA, PhD presented to you a topic about "Navigation Implant Surgery: The Future of Implant Training Module"


Episode 5 :

Introduction to Maxillofacial Prosthodontics

Collaboration with APDSA in Indonesia, our fifth speaker is Dr. Nina Ariani., Ph.D.

Dr. Nina Ariani presented to us about “Introduction to Maxillofacial Prosthodontics”

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Episode 6 :

Basement Membrane and Cancer Invasion

We are ecstatic to announce that 6th APDSA Webinar is back collaborated with APDSA in Vietnam. Our 6th speaker is Dr. Chi Thi Kim Nguyen., Ph. D.

Dr. Chi Thi Kim Nguyen will present to us about

“Basement Membrane and Cancer Invasion”


Episode 7 :

Miniscrew, Impaction, Invisalign. Making the Impossible Possible

Hope you will be a part of it! Collaborate with APDSA in Taiwan, Our 7th APDSA Webinar speaker is Dr. Jia Hong Lin.

Dr. Jia Hong Lin will present to us about “Miniscrew, Impaction, Invisalign. Making the Impossible Possible”


Episode 8 :

Treasures, Threats, and Traps in the 21st Century Dental Education

We take great pleasure to inform that’s it our 8th webinar in Collaboration with APDSA in Singapore. Our 8th speaker is Assoc. Professor Chin-ying Stephen Hsu, DDS., MS., Ph.D.

Prof. Chin-ying Stephen will present to us about “ Treasures, Threats, and Traps in the 21st Century Dental Education"


Episode 9 :

Nerve Injury in Third Molar Surgery

We all know that third molar removal complication is something that we try to avoid. This week, in Collaboration with APDSA in Cambodia we will discuss more about getting out of troubles from nerve injury in third molar surgery. Our honorable speaker, Prof. Dr. Someth Hong will explain all about that.


Episode 10 :

Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry: Now and Future

We are back greater collaborated with APDSA in Hong Kong, our 10th speaker is Prof. James Tsoi

Prof. James Tsoi will present to us about “Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry: Now and Future"


Episode 11 :

Ceramic Dental Implants: Current and Future

Our webinar this week, had a great collaboration with APDSA Myanmar, our 11th speaker is Dr.Aung Thu Hein will present to us about "Ceramic Dental Implants: Current and Future".


Episode 12 :

History of APDSA and Orthodontic Topic

We are excited to come to the final episode webinar to sum up our first series. Prof.Nakajima Eiichiro who is APDSA founder and honorable advisor. He will be presenting the history of APDSA and share some of the orthodontic topics. 

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